I was tagged by the darling frugasmsince1970…
1) Coke, pepsi or water?
2) Mountain or Beach?
3) Music or Fashion?
I don’t think those two are mutually exclusive lol but I guess id rather look like an idiot than not have my music
4) Family or Friends?
For me there isn’t a distinction
5) Pop or Rap?
If it’s gotta good rhythm, chances are I’m gonna be into it
6) Physics or History?
Those aren’t in the same category ahhh idk I love em both
7) The worst song by your favorite band.
Emit Remmus (Idk about ‘worst’ tho)
8) A song that you like by an artist you truly hate.
Im not a huge fan of Miley atm (don’t hate her, I just didn’t care for her latest album) but I do rly like that song ‘adore you’
9) Who would you kill: Justin Bieber or Beliebers?
Neither. Id slap justin silly tho bc of that whole DUI on the streets of my hometown bs tho
10) Top 3: books, movies
Books: 1984, Angels and demons,
A farewell to arms
Movies: inglorious basterds, little miss sunshine, life is beautiful
11) Choose 1 guitarist, 1 singer, 1 drummer and 1 bassist, and make THE BEST BAND EVER!!!
Besides the obvious lol
Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bonzo, flea
Thank u angel πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

what song on enclosure do you like most?

Fanfare and Crowded


when I say I like older men I don’t mean 2-3years I mean 20-30years


When you see someone wearing a shirt of your favorite band



My first tattoo, inspired by the very similar tattoo on the arm of John Frusciante, formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Took four and a half hours in total, one sitting in March and the other two weeks ago. Photographs by my good friend Shiona Whitmore.

Basically some anon saw fru doing the helicopter gif and said that he has a big doofy, ever since then rhcp fandom has gone crazy and now pretty much every single post is about fru's penis aka 'doofy'.

Oh lord πŸ™Š well these things happen

Are you aware of this "doofy" stuff that's going on in the fandom?????? It's crazy omg

No lol what’s going on??